Sweetgrass Leather and where it comes from


Hi, this is Sweetgrass Leather! My name is Meggin Cline, and I live on Wheeler Creek Ranch with my husband Sky and our two babies, Rio and Creek. 

I've always had a major love for leather, the smell and rich textures. I started with leather at a very young age, making regalia and small wearable pieces. But when I started carrying this buckskin fringe purse I made for myself, I’d get stopped everywhere I’d go, often asked, "where did you get that bag?". I just had to start making them! 

People often ask me about my name, "Sweetgrass Leather" and the feather on my tag or my symbol I burn on every one of my bags. As I get older, things are really falling into place, right where they are meant to be. Everything in my life is good medicine! There is a meaning to all of it! My husband's name is Skylar, Sky for short. He is my Sky, my whole soul, the Sky is the limit! Our daughter Rio, she came to me in a dream years ago, I named her there and then when we found out we were having a baby, I knew it was her!! Sage, being her middle name, is one of our sacred medicines, for healing and clearing space for living ceremony. She was gifted to me for clearing space in my life at the time, as a living ceremony! Sweetgrass, is also one of our sacred medicines, our mother earth's hair used for protection and healing! And one of my absolute favorable scents! Something els I favor, feathers. I’ve always been so intrigued by finding a feather, how they’re all so different in color and texture, why they were left for me? Throughout my age I have been gifted the Eagle feather four times. My people believe the Eagle has strong connections with the heaven and creator because it flies so high, that he brings strength and wisdom to us. And as for the Sunrise C symbol on all of my bags, it is our Sunrise C brand that stands for Cline at Wheeler Creek Ranch! 

Thank you for reading and learning a little about me!  Please give me a follow to see what's happening with Sweetgrass Leather!