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Sweetgrass Leather

Salt Sundown Bag

Salt Sundown Bag

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Sundown Bag

no two are alike, one of a kind! 

handcrafted bag made from American Deer hide

5oz buckskin in the color Salt (pure white)

free handed design and shape! I used no patterns to make and cut this bag! the body is double laced together, nothing is sewn on this bag. Lots of lacing! 

Bag size large 11” deep x 11” wide

fringe around the entire body of this bag 10-11” fringe, varies towards the top of the bag since using raw shapes of the natural deer hide! 

two fixed round braided strap. Crossbody length, you can shorten to your desire. sweet little laced details where the strap is attached. 

Adorn with handmade pieces, raw shells from the Atlantic, plus some brass & Ethiopian metal beads.

S U N D O W N 🦌 100% quality hand crafted & curated pieces. made from American deer hides. hand made adornments of shells and antlers. all free handily imagined, visioned, cut and made. No sewing, no patterns. all love by me ✺ this collection is made to order only as of now. I hope you love it!

xo meg

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